Version 1.4.0

Efficient Detection of Chromosomal Rearrangements Using a Scalable k-mer Database of Multiple Reference Genomes and Variations.

Change history of recent versions


Update with a graph theory of breakend, BND=(BP1,BP2), where BP=(chr,pos,dir).

Machine learning modules for ranger and xgboost were replaced with cpp.

Requirement changed

g++ >=6 (For full install, >=7)

cmake >=3 (For full install, >=3.14)

Quality control module (fastp) was included in etching_filter.

New Pan-Genome K-mer set, PGK2 (based on 894 human genomes), was released (

See for older updates.


--target-filter and --miscall-kmer-cutoff options were added.

c. Virtual environment is implemented to solve dependencies. Simple installation guide.

b. etching debug (line 882). Indentation error fixed (Sorter/scorer_XGBoost). README updated.

a. File names of final result modified


Bug fixed (etching line 1283)


Debug etching and etching_filter. They did not run properly when -o option was not used.

See for older updates.